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    Arrival in Japan. Mama Kidnapped?!


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    Arrival in Japan. Mama Kidnapped?!

    Post by Daichi on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:40 am

    June 27th, A001
    Vongola Private Airport

    The hot sun beating down on the Airport's open roof, the security just as tight as a top class Airport uninvolved with the mafia. Daichi walked through the medal-detector after handing his handgun to the trusted Vongola security, but before Daichi went on his way to go to his flight he was informed there was no ammunition ready for him in Japan and that they couldn't provide any now so his gun was mostly a useless decoration. When boarding he was given sit 3-A the entire plane was high class serving shrimp and expensive foods, before the flight took off all passengers were informed they would no arrive in Japan till tomorrow morning at best. Disappointed Daichi fell asleep listen to music he didn't wake up till he had arrived... or so he thought. The plane had landed at a island close to Japan but had run out of fuel it wasn't the 28th yet and they needed to refuel but the people who owned the island were being difficult and did not want to hand over the fuel with out the use of force and after the sound of gun fire stopped outside it seemed they were ready to go on their and head to Japan. It took long enough is all that Daichi was probably thinking when he arrived in Japan at 7:00 am.

    A few hours after his arrival he was informed that Mama an important member of the Vongola family had been kidnapped and Daichi was the only one available to rescue her at the time, He had been told to locate the pesca family who had held her hostage and return her to the Vongola. Daichi went in search of Mama the sun staring him down made it more difficult as he felt irritated with the constant heat hitting him, but it only took a short time for him to locate Mama for the rescue. In a abandoned warehouse marked #13 Mama had been taken hostage and hanged out side the ware house door her hands were tied, she couldn't move, her mouth was taped, and her eyes were covered with cloth. At the sight of this Daichi knew the pesca had prepared something just encase some one tried to rescue Mama, so before enter the ware house Daichi climbed up to the roof top of warehouse 12 and sneaked over to the location of warehouse 13 sneaking in through the roof unnoticed by the enemy mafia. It didn't take long for them to notice that Daichi had knocked out a number of people inside of the warehouse and a fight ensued, yet Daichi was completely prepared he took out all the men except one who had untied Mama and had her in his arms as a hostage. As if Daichi disappeared he suddenly came from in back of the man and put his handgun to the man's head covered with scars and tattoos. "You have 5 seconds to let go of her or I'll blow the little amount of brains you have out of your worthless skull..." Daichi said with a calm uncaring voice before the man could release Mama 5 seconds past and Daichi pulled the trigger, but he had forgotten that he had no ammo, the gun clicked, but no bullet was shot, Daichi threw the gun in the air and quickly before the man had to to realize what had happened snapped his neck leaving him dead on the floor. Daichi Caught his Gun and Mama his perverted instincts told he to take advantage of the woman while she was so defenseless, but Daichi wanted his payment and he would be going against the Vongola if he did so. After returning Mama to the Vongola he left to find a place to stay, yet he didn't no much about Japan or the Namimori town he had to stay in while he was there. Daichi went to the forest and requested permission to turn a cave into his home and base of operations while he was there he would have to wait for approval before he could complete the construction but as far as he was concerned he had found his place to stay. Daichi was also slightly worried about the ammunition issue, as he needed his handgun ammo if he had been in a more dangerous situation he would have been dead the moment the handgun clicked with no ammo inside. "Japan Doesn't seem that bad..." Daichi said with a sigh...

    Mission Name: Mama Kidnapped!
    Mission Class: Easy
    Mission Objective: Mama has been kidnapped by some mafioso from the Pesca Famiglia who want Tsuna dead. You have to save Mama. You may use any means necessary.
    Mission Reward: 250 Lira + 30 DP


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    Re: Arrival in Japan. Mama Kidnapped?!

    Post by Shadow on Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:44 pm

    Mission Completed!

    You have received 250 Lira and 30 Duel Points has been added to your account.

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