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    Mission For The Boss


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    Mission For The Boss

    Post by Reborn on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:21 pm

    It was the day for the Boss of Millefiore Family to defeat the so called Poison Scorpion Bianchi, he needed to defeat this women that now arrived in Japan The Millefiore Boss was ready he was not scared he was ready to fight right now and defeat the women he wanted to make the women cry, he would bite her fingers he would do anything just to win. Death already expected that there would be some people protecting Poison Scorpion Bianchi, but he would kill them with no hesitation if they got in his way. As the Millefiore Boss was walking he heard a noise, he had a big smile on his mouth knowing what was gonna happen next, a large man with great muscles, and not very much Intelligence the large man also had some tattoos all over his body, Death then noticed some other people that were working for Poison Scorpion Bianchi was behind the large man, it looked like they were tasting Death and if he was strong enough they would come to attack him with brute force. The Millefiore Boss then said with an angered voice as they was not taking him seriously "Do you guys want to die today, i am the Millifiore Boss you guys are just a bunch of workers for the infamous Poison Scorpion Bianchi." The Big guy just growled, and said with an angered voice "Little Boy you are the one who's gonna get hurt."

    Death snickered, and then laughed with amusement he ran with his full speed, he knew he would have to use Hand To Hand Combat since he did not have a gun, but a person would think that was crazy for Death to go Hand To Hand Combat with the big guy, Death was not normal he was not scared. The Young Millifiore Boss jumped up sending a kick to the man's face, the large man gripped his leg, Death growled and thought in his head Dang it trouble for me now, but let's see what he is going to do next hope he is not going to throw me, because that would be bad. The Large man was about to throw Death, Death's instincts told him to act fast, and so he did Death used his other leg to kick the man's face the kick connected. The extraordinary large man let go of the leg and took a few steps back while he was shaking his head as he was confused it seemed the kick was strong enough. The people behind the man did not hesitate to come out to attack, they were all large man and there was only one option, and it was to run away. The Young Millifiore Boss then gave a big laugh to the large man, and then said with a voice that was still laughing "You guys are some punks." Death then stopped laughing I might regret saying that Without saying another word the Mafia Boss ran away with the large people chasing him.

    After some time he had lost them Hahaha Finally lost them they might be big but not smart, that's always how big people are and that is a shame, you know i wonder how bro is doing Death was thinking they were dome, when he was also dome himself. The Young Millifiore then started to walk as he was still looking for Bianchi, but had no idea where she was. After some time he found a lady with pink hair or purple who cared. The women looked familiar, he took out a picture from his pocket the women resembled the women in the picture, and that was Poison Scorpion Bianchi. Death then smiled he jumped, and yelled "Surprise Attack!!!" The women turned around and stepped aside making the Millifiore Boss fall down, the women then said with an annoyed voice "You are pathetic it is not a surprise attack while yelling buddy boy." Death then grumbled a sound that sounded like he was saying shut up. Death got up with a little struggle, the women had some kind of food in her hand, it had a nasty, strong aura. The Young Millifiore grumbled as he knew what Poison Scorpion Bianchi used to defeat her opponents, Poison Cooking. The Young Millifiore Boss then jumped back with quickness, the women looked at him with emotionless eyes without another word she started running. Death then grumbled "You coward stop running away punk!" The Milifiore Boss then started chasing after her.

    But before the Millifiore Boss took another step the large people were back as the women was running she looked back and started waving she then yelled to the large men "Thanks Boys will give you something later it will either be some cash or a kiss..." The women continued running. The Millifiore Boss growled as the large men were laughing at him they truly wanted pay back especially the man he kicked. One of the large men lunged, The Millifiore Boss jumped dodging him and the others he then started running and still chasing the women called Poison Scorpion Bianchi, and the large men where chasing the Millifiore Boss, Dang will they get off of me i hate when people bother me the Millifore Boss thought on his mind. Death wushed he had a gun, he finally caught up with Poison Scorpion Bianchi he could finally see her and she was not going to escape from him. The Millifiore Boss kept chasing poison Scorpion Bianchi he was not even close to tired, but the large men behind him looked tired, he then noticed Poison Scorpion Bianchi taking off some Poison Cooking off of her pockets, she started throwing them behing her aiming at The Millifiore Boss, Death hardly dodged one this deadly women really had some good accuracy. The Millifiore Boss then grumbled with anger he was getting closer to the women. Poison Scorpion Bianchi then started throwing even more Poison Cooking, The Millifore Boss dodged again and was beside Poison Scorpion Bianchi, The Millifiore Boss then jumped at Bianchi making her fell down, any pervert would started doing something something, but The Millifiore Boss just stopped her, he then knocked her out with a punch to the neck, he finally defeated Poison Scorpion Bianchi his mission was done.

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