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    Bitten to Death. Hibari Kyoya?!


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    Bitten to Death. Hibari Kyoya?!

    Post by Daichi on Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:21 pm

    June 29th, A001
    Namimori Middle School

    He's been watching me since i got here, looking at my every move from the very beginning, but who is he and what does he want from me that makes him watch me like this. He seems strong I wonder if he'll try and approach me anytime soon, a guy that works so hard to follow must have a price on his head. What should I do, if i don't do something so he could mean trouble later... Daichi thought as he looked over his shoulder to a near by roof early in the morning the sun hiding behind the clouds as he saw some one watching him from a roof some one with a strong aura, some one that might just be strong enough to beat him. Daichi knew that this guy had been following him since the time he saved Mama and even more after he defeated ryohei, with this he knew it would only be a matter of time before he would have to fight him. Even knowing this Daichi continued walking through Namimori going to get something to eat he was starving having only eaten once the day before and not having the supply of food he order yet was troublesome. Without food he would starve so he went into town to a local sushi shop and ordered a low priced meal for himself, while he was still thinking about the guy who was following him he wondered for what reason did this guy want to follow him so badly, basically he wanted to know what exactly he did to attract so much attention. As his meal arrived he ignored the things that bothered him so and ate to his heart's content, then paying his bill and walking through the town passing by the house of Sasagawa Ryohei leaving flowers at the door addressed to ryohei's younger sister, though Daichi cared little for one girl he was a pervert after all.

    I'll have to deal with this guy soon enough, but before I can do it I need to figure out what provokes him, what makes him mad, what will attract him to the idea of fighting me instead of stalking me where every I go... He thought as he started to sprint down the street and turn the corner as he hid himself in a nearby tree, then going around a home, jumping over a fence, and rushing away from the seen. That won't keep him off my trail for long he's smart, but i need some time to think... Daichi thought starting to race along the streets of Namimori with his guess being perfectly right the man caught up in no time starting to chase him from the roof tops, Daichi quickly jumped over the wall of a school, but not just any school, Namimori Middle school.

    "I'll bite you to Death for disrupting the peace."

    "Huh!?" Was all Daichi was able to say before being hit by at least 10 lighting fast blows to the body, just barely able to stand after the shocking strike he jumped back looking at the man. "This could be fun." Daichi said smirking as he pulled out his hand gun almost disappearing as he appeared behind the man throwing a deadly kick aimed at the man's face, while calculating the amount of speed power and strength his enemy had by assessing his abilities.

    "To slow..." The man said striking Daichi with a blow filled with speed and power.

    Now all that's left is assessing his over all strength, but how do I do that I'm in a bit of a pinch right now...

    "I'm the chairman of the disciplinary Community of Namimori middle school, Hibari Kyoya. I won't let you disrupt the peace, I'll bite you to death..." Hibari said aiming blows for Daichi face. "TO SLOW!!!" Daich said kicking hibari in the face smirking with a cold cruel smile, suddenly rushing at hibari they started hitting each other fist to fist weapon to weapon Daichi eager to fire a bullet. It didn't take long for them to start fighting on the school roof tops after Hibari kicked Daichi on top of the gym and Daichi used a upper cut to send Hibari up to the school's real roof tops where they constantly kicked and punched each other. He stood barely able to breath, his heart pounding, glasses broken, blood all over his suit, gun in hand, yet Daichi hadn't been fighting at his best just yet, he had yet to use his mind the key to victory strategy. I need to think or there's no way I'll win, There has to be something around here that can give me the advantage or maybe even victory in a single shot, But where... He thought as he looked around his breathing heavy the moon shining on the two, but that's when Daichi noticed it the water storage tank on top of one of the school's buildings, this was his chance at that very moment he rushed after Hibari who tried to strike him and jumped back. Daichi held his hand gun tightly going at hibari dodging and blocking a few of his hits and then suddenly kicking him into the water tank with a quick smile Daichi shot the 4 legs of the water tank causing it to fall over on a unsuspecting hibari the tank was sure to crush him as it fell forward at Hibari. "Your in my way..." Daichi said as the tank fell on Hibari and exploded water blasting through everything in and on top of the school Daichi nearly being pushed away by the force of the water, but to his surprise Hibari was still alive?!

    "I'LL BITE YOU TO DEATH FOR DAMAGING MY NAMIMORI MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!" Hibari said as he broke out of the fallen water tank and created another explosion, an explosion of intense aura with hibari charging at Daichi and beating him with fierce attacks. What the hell is he?! I can barely stand anymore attacks, I WON'T DIE HERE!!! Daichi thought as grabbed hibari and shot both his knees, punched him in the face, shot both his arms, stepped on and broke his balls then spitting on him with an insane cruel look on his face as he started to laugh sarcastically. To his surprise something took hold of his foot hibari was still moving in such a near deaths ate bleeding at a level that should make it impossible for him to even move a single muscle. "Your insanely strong, I don't wanna kill you so that we can fight another time." Daichi said pushing hibari away and calling an ambulance then disappearing in the moon light looking at the Namimori school that hibari loved so much, Daichi then walking on back to the forest to heal his wounds, but as he entered his home he had found some one had gotten in only to find it was just a bird, it was a small yellow bird. He caught the bird and brought it outside preparing to let it out as he looked up into the moon lit night with the sky covered in clouds that grew closer and closer to the moon a cold chill came over Daichi as he left the bird go then seeing it fly off singing a song. the song sounded like it belonged to a school close by that's when Daichi became slightly shocked and frozen by what he had just seen. Could that have been Hibari's bird singing his schools song?! He thought as he slowly turned and looked over his shoulder to the skies where the bird had disappeared, as Daichi went inside again and wrapped up his wounds then getting a drink and going to bed after getting his extra pare of glasses...

    Mission Name: Kyoya Hibari
    Mission Class: Intermediate
    Mission Objective: Kyoya Hibari has now targeted you and your only choice is to defeat him or be bitten to death.
    Mission Reward: 600 Lira + 45 DP + 9 EP

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    Re: Bitten to Death. Hibari Kyoya?!

    Post by Shadow on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:31 pm


    You earn 600 Lira + 45 Duel Points + 9 Experience Points

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