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    The Di Morti.


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    The Di Morti.

    Post by Daichi on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:46 pm

    July 1st, A001
    Namimori Forest

    The clouds seem to have completely hidden the sun as the past by through the blue sky it was a warm day today, yet it seemed it would be a busy day for one lazy sleeping Hit-man. As Daichi lay sleeping his cellphone would ring next to him, but Daichi simply tried to ignore the annoying noise. Continuing to ring without end Daichi felt around him for his glasses to put them on while grabbing his phone off the desk he placed to closely to his bed. Irritated and unable to find his glasses which he obviously needed to see Daichi closely fell back to sleep. After a while his phone began to ring again and lazily getting up he found his glasses on the floor next to the bed. Again... Daichi thought as he picked them up and walked over to the sliding door opening it, then going to the bathroom to wash off his face. Putting on his glasses he walked back into the room picking up the phone checking the text message he had received. A job... The Di Morti... That doesn't even sound like a family worth mentioning... I'll have to take out his guards first though... Daichi thought as he got dressed put on his ring, and put his boxes in his jacket.

    Looking outside Daichi thought it would be best for him to gather information on the two guards of the Di Morti boss, but also to prioritize learning their strengths and weaknesses before engaging. As he stepped out the clouds had moved out of the way of the sun after times passing and bothered him a bit as it blinded him slightly. Walking back inside Daichi went into his research lab and sat down at a desk turning on his laptop, as he prepared to gather information on the Di Morti. I'll have to bring up the Vongola information database, so i can find out more about the Di Morti famiglia... Daichi thought as he began typing into his laptop the information came up near instantly, but as Daichi read through he found that one of the two guards was to arrive in Japan today and were going to stay at a hotel in downtown Namimori. I'll take this chance... He should be there around 12:00, if i leave now i can make it in time... Daichi thought leaving the desk going to his room, and getting his phone to download the new information. After finishing up the download Daichi left the cave turned home with the sun blocked out by the sun again, causing Daichi to have a relieved feelings kind of sigh.

    It didn't take long for him to get to downtown Namimori or to find the hotel, but the problem was getting in the hotel it seemed it was a heavily guarded Di Morti family owned Hotel clearly stated by the large high class sign that said Di Morti Hotel. Looking at the guards outside the doors of the Hotel Daichi walked over grinning as he had improvised a plan. Striking both guards behind the neck they fell to the floor unconscious, with this Daichi walked inside as if nothing had happened. Entering the Hotel he immediately saw his target the first of the two guards of the Di Morti boss, following him into the elevator. Let's finish things quickly I want my money soon... Daichi thought stepping into the elevator his ring glowing with his purple cloud flame. Opening the box that was hidden behind the purple jacket Daichi loves so much was a handgun, his handgun taking it out and going behind the Di Morti Daichi grinned. "I guess this is Hello, And Goodbye. It was nice killing you..." he said half laughing as he fired a bullet through the man's skull and set the elevator to go to the second floor. Once getting their Daichi jumped out a window through the back of the building and checked his phone for any updates on the other guard as he updated the status of guard 1.

    "One down, two to go..." Daichi said sitting in his room looking at his "magazines" while he searched for information on the second guard he needed to kill so he could get closer to his goal, the cash for the job being completed. While it took awhile to gain any information on the second guard he had finally been found, it seemed the Di Morti boss ordered the Guards Immediate protection after hearing about the death of his first guard. "This makes things easier for me..." Daichi said smiling as he downloaded the current locations of the two Di Mortis. Daichi had went to the location where the Di Morti with a cruel and dark grin on his face as he saw the guard standing listening to music as he walked with the Di Morti boss, Suddenly with a single shot from Daichi gun's the guard fell to the ground dead. "Your next..." Daichi said with a uncaring voice and dark smile as his eyes turned blood red.

    "WAIT NO STOP DON'T HURT ME!!!" the Di Morti boss screamed just as Daichi pulled the trigger laughing insanely as the blood splattered all over the pavement, BUT it wasn't the blood of the Di Morti boss that had been splattered but the blood of his guard who never truly died as he took off the headphones from which he listened to music. The Di Morti guard then began shooting at Daichi with two hand guns he had pulled out of nowhere with a evil grin on his face. This is gonna be harder then i thought it would be... Daichi thought as he ran dodging bullets moving closer to his enemy, with a quick jump and the firing of a single bullet Daichi had knocked one gun out of the hands of his enemy. It wasn't enough to stop the rapid firing of bullets, as he starting to run from all of it lighting his ring and opening the box for his hunting knife. With his hunting knife in hand Daichi cut the bullets into pieces as he grew closer to his enemy while he had his gun in hand, firing his handgun he knocked the other gun out of the Di Morti hand. Rushing over to him putting the gun to the button of his neck firing a bullet through his skull while laughing hysterically with a evil grin. "Two dead one to go..." Daichi said as he ran at the Di Morti with a sick cruel smile and his blood red eyes shining in the sun's light with no one around to here the screams of the dead.

    Handgun at the Di Morti's forehead, loaded and ready for a shot as he heard the Di Morti cry and beg for his life. "I want my pay, and you need to cease existing for that to happen..." Daichi said in a cold heartless tone as he grabbed the Di Morti by the shirt suit lifting him up from the ground. "It's sad being killed by a guy like me who isn't even 13..." Daichi said slightly laughing as he grinned devilishly with gun finger on the trigger with gun pressed hard against the Di Morti's forehead. "Peace..." He said as he blew the Di Morti Brains straight of his skull and straight down to hell where in belonged, then simply taking the bodies disposing of them and leaving the seen of the crime to return home...

    Mission Name: The Di morti problem
    Mission Class: Intermediate
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Di morti mafia boss who has been bothering both the Vongola and the Millifiore with his empty threats and his two guards, they have all sorts of weapons ranging from pistols to rpgs be careful...
    Mission Reward: 700 lira + 40 DP + 9 EP


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