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    Famiglia Registration


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    Famiglia Registration

    Post by Shadow on Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:18 pm

    Famiglia Registration

    To register a Famiglia means that you have to bear responsibility for all your subordinates, guardians, and anything that occurs to your family. Everyone wants to create their own Mafia Famiglia, but you need to meet the requirements before filling in your registration form.

    The requirements are listed below:-

    • You have to have a good reputation throughout the community.

    • You need to have over at least 100 posts.

    • You need to pay a fee of 3000 Lira

    In other words, you have to be in either the Vongola Famiglia or the Millefiore Famiglia first before creating your own Famiglia.

    Registration Form

    Famiglia Name:
    Famiglia Boss:
    Famiglia Headquarters:
    Famiglia Description:
    Famiglia Crest: [Please make the Crest 300x169 pixels]

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