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    Advertisement Rules


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    Advertisement Rules

    Post by Shadow on Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:06 pm

    Below are the rules regarding advertising at KHR-Haven.

    • All advertisements should be placed here and ONLY here! You CANNOT and MAY NOT post anywhere else on the forum. The Chatbox is off-limits for advertisements as well.

    • If you advertise here, expect us to advertise at your forum. If that isn't possible, expect your advertisement to be deleted.

    • There is no strict rules on the way your advertisement looks, but make sure to include a short paragraph about your forum. Don't just post your link and expect it to be accepted. If anything like that is found here, it will be deleted.

    • Don't advertise more than once!


    If you are submitting an affiliation, please mention that in your 'Title Topic'.


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