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    Weapon Registration Template


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    Weapon Registration Template

    Post by Shadow on Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:25 pm

    Don't like the weapons here? Well, why not create your own? All you have to do is follow the template given and wait for approval. If it's missing something, don't worry, we won't shove it off! We'll PM you the errors and you have to fix em'. Once you have gone over your mistakes, wait for approval again. However, if something that is totally unnecessary is found, we'll delete it.

    Weapon Registration Template

    Weapon Name: (Give a catchy name to your weapon.)
    Weapon Type: (What kind of weapon is it?)
    Description: (Write a short description on how it looks and what it does.)
    Abilities: (Does your weapon have any special abilities?)

    Good Luck!



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