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    Character Profiles

    Character Profiles CL9EE

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    Character Profiles Empty Character Profiles

    Post by Shadow on Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:56 am

    Character Profiles

    Everyone should have a character profile for their characters. It is to keep count of how your character develops, the things he earns, the things he loses, etc. The character profile template will be shown below, using that, create a creative character profile. There will be a contest every month to see who has the most creative and active C-Profile. The winner will earn “500 Lira and a userbar for the given month”.

    All C-Profiles should include the following:

    - Character Name
    - Character Picture
    - Character Age
    - Character Stats
    - Character Flame Attribute
    - Character Flame Quality
    - Character Activity
    - Character Achievements

    Add anything else that would make the thread livelier. (Ex: Music, Banners, etc.)

    Remember to keep your C-Profile active.

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