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    Win to the Extreme. Sasagawa Ryohei!


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    Win to the Extreme. Sasagawa Ryohei!

    Post by Daichi on Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:01 pm

    June 28th, A001
    Near Namimori Middle School

    Dark but warm all over the town of Namimori the moon shining brightly down on the walking Daichi as he walks on with out a single care in the world, yet he was worried about somethings he had just received a supply of cartilages 4 25 bullet cartilages to be exact and completed his base of operations in the forest cave he had found only a few hours ago surprisingly. The base wasn't truly complete it was more or less ready to be lived in though it had a traditional Japanese feel with rooms made to his liking it was amazing what could be done in only a few hours. This has been easier then i excepted He thought walking down the street when suddenly Daichi heard the sound of a wall breaking into to pieces or shattering either way it was unusual, but he ignored it and continued to walk as he saw alone man take out several others in a boxing match it seemed he was the one that shattered the wall. All Daichi saw was some one who might get in the way later, yet all he did was watch in interest to see if this guy was worth fighting. He's pretty strong, but he's no match for me... Daichi thought as he stepped into the room while the man beat down all the other boxers in the room, while Daichi walked toward the ring jumping over the ropes landing behind the man.

    "Fight me, EXTREME!!!"

    "What the he..." Before Daichi could finish his sentence he was punched across the face and sent into the ropes. HE'S Fast!!! Daichi thought as he smirked looking at the man while the moon's light poured into the room and Daichi's glasses cracked slight the blood coming down from his lip as he lifted one of his arms and made a fist. "My Name's Daichi, What about you?" He asked looking at the man who had a fierce aura.

    "I'm Sasagawa Ryohei, And I'll fight you to the EXTREME!!!"

    "Ha, Let's go then..." He said as he rushed toward ryohei dodging a punch that suddenly flew at him ducking down then throwing an upper cut only to see ryohei move out of the way and throw another hard punch Daichi only had a few seconds to react as he pushed himself out of the way of the fast punch then throwing his leg up for a kick it made perfect contact, surprisingly. Ryohei fell back a mark from Daichi's shoe was on his chest he laughed as he yelled out extreme again rushing after daichi hitting him with a incredible combination, at this point Daichi started trading blows with ryohei for the rest of the time being. "I bet your favorite song is the Eye of the tiger..." Daichi said as he got a solid hit on ryohei's left cheek and ryohei staggered back, as it all happened Daichi took this chance and kneed ryohei he collapsed while Daichi stood over him covered in sweet and blood the moon shined brightly on the two of them through the hole ryohei had made early, it seemed ryohei's younger sister had arrived and went to him in shock crying. "Your brother's fine he just got a few scratches boxing, No worries cutie I'll help you take your brother home." Daichi said with a slightly perverted smile quickly picking up ryohei and following the girl to her home, it didn't take long to get there but Daichi needed to comfort this girl and be on his way, he had his own injuries to treat in the end anyway. Daichi brought ryohei to a room and laid him down taking the girl out of the room to talk with his rather quickly, but it may be more difficult then he thinks in the end. "Ay beautiful there's no need to cry your brother fine he should feel better by tomorrow, but I would suggest making sure he doesn't do anything to reckless." Daichi said with a smile wiping her tears and touching her softly then giving her a hug as she cried on his shoulder, after a while she tired out and Daichi laid her down on the couch leaving after taking a pair of her panties and leaving a flower in its place. Japan has cute ones... Daichi thought as he walked to his home and treated his wounds then going to be listening to music...

    Mission Name: Defeat Ryohei Sasagawa
    Mission Class: Easy
    Mission Objective: Ryohei Sasagawa has challenged you to a boxing match. Defeat him without the use of weapons.
    Mission Reward: 300 Lira + 15 DP + 4 EP


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    Bullets Used: 11 + 1
    Total Bullets: 303

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